Jill is a small town kid, growing up just west of Lincoln around Emerald and Malcolm. She’s married and is an extremely proud Aunt. Jill spends as much time as she can at her nieces and nephews activities and taking them on adventures. When not at the kid’s sporting events and activities Jill loves to read, cross-stitch, shop for coffee mugs, and is working harder than she needs to trying to not kill her plants. She’s a huge Husker fan, and loves the Kansas City Royals and Atlanta Braves! Baseball and football season are the best times of year! 

Princess Bride According To Kids

I just found out about a series of short movies where kids retell movies, in their kid way, and adult actors play it out. Cute and funny. This is fun for the family to watch and it should bring out the younger you, like it did me, since it’s The Princess Bride.  read more »

Adorable Alert!!!

Hilariously cute! This kid’s first taste of ice cream. Just like the first time someone handed me Rum Cream when I was in Jamaica. Exactly like that.  read more »


It’s A Snickers And……It’s H-U-G-E!!!!

In preparation for the Super Bowl….SNICKERS is celebrating one of their most popular campaigns with a GIANT SNICKERS BAR and new commercial for Super Bowl LIV on February 2nd.  Remember the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign?  Can you believe it’s 10 years old already??  Wow, hard to believe. Anyways, to celebrate, SNICKERS has…read more »



The time to do some FREEZIN’ FOR A REASON….and BE BOLD, GET COLD is gonna be here before you know it.  The annual POLAR PLUNGE for Special Olympics Nebraska is set for February 29th at Holmes Lake!  Once again GINA & JOE will be hosting the event and we’re looking for you to join us.…read more »


Can A Pineapple Stop Snoring?

Are you kept up at night by your partner’s incessant snoring? Instead of separate beds, try putting a potted pineapple in the bedroom. I know this sounds odd, but keep reading. According to NASA scientists (what?), having a plant where you sleep reduces the snoring by removing carbon dioxide from the air and putting out…read more »

Juliet Home

A Romantic Stay At The Romeo & Juliet House

How romantic is this? You might have a chance to spend Valentine’s night in the home where Romeo and Juliet said “I Love You.” Airbnb is giving one couple the opportunity to stay at Casa di Giuletta in Verona, Italy. This will be the first time someone has been allowed to occupy the historic site…read more »

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