Jill is a small town kid, growing up just west of Lincoln around Emerald and Malcolm. She’s married and is an extremely proud Aunt. Jill spends as much time as she can at her nieces and nephews activities and taking them on adventures. When not at the kid’s sporting events and activities Jill loves to read, cross-stitch, shop for coffee mugs, and is working harder than she needs to trying to not kill her plants. She’s a huge Husker fan, and loves the Kansas City Royals and Atlanta Braves! Baseball and football season are the best times of year! 


Twinkies For Breakfast??? YEP! Coming Soon!

Apparently Post and Hostess have worked together recently to add a little something to your breakfast menu.  Coming soon is TWINKIES CEREAL!  The morning breakfast cereal will be available at the end of December at Wal*Mart Stores across the country.  Hostess and Post collaborated on the tasty treat, which they say looks and tastes like…read more »



If you love the holiday movie, CHRISTMAS VACATION with Chevy Chase and Beverly DeAngelo as much as we do, or you have someone on your Christmas list who does, you might be interested in this for Christmas.  Department 56 and Amazon is now offering up a ceramic replica of the Griswold House, with extras!  The…read more »


Amazon Grocery Delivery Service

Amazon Fresh has announced that its grocery delivery service will be free for Prime members. Those who already pay $14.99 a month for Amazon Fresh are the first to receive the free service. That $14.99 monthly fee is about to go away, too, as Amazon rolls Fresh and Prime together. You’ll still have to hit…read more »


Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Always early and before Halloween, Neiman Marcus unveils its Christmas Book. The luxury department store every year publishes its “over-the-top” list of Christmas gifts. For example. For just $1,500 you could own a Versace Punching Bag. Or, drop $35,000 for a Moet & Chandon Vending Machine. A custom made dog house could set you back…read more »

pumpkin and black cat

Keep Your Jack-O-Lantern Fresh

With Halloween this week, many are carving pumpkins. Here’s how to prevent the pumpkin from becoming a rotten mess outside your home. After cutting the pumpkin, remove all of the “guts” and seeds from inside. Clean the interior with a solution of one tablespoon of bleach per quart of water to kill off mold. Or…read more »

Halloween candy

The Shelf Life of Halloween Candy

Extra Halloween candy? How long will it last. Readers Digest says most candies, especially the chewy and sticky ones, will last about six to nine months. You could get a little more time with white and milk chocolate. Jellybeans and hard candies will last up to a year, while dark chocolates have a long shelf…read more »

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