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Clarkson Calls It Quits

Clarkson Calls It Quits

Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce. That kind of came out of nowhere. They were all lovey dovey at the 2020 Critics Choice Awards, their last public appearance together. But, that was 5 months ago. There were possible hints that this was coming. Last December she said it was hard being a wife and juggling…Read more »

No more screaming at theme parks?

No more screaming at theme parks?

As things start opening up again, here’s something that hadn’t even crossed my mind. Screaming on roller coasters. Think about it. If you’re at a theme park like Worlds Of Fun or Disneyland or something similar and people do the scream thing while riding a roller coaster, they are super exhaling a huge mist of…Read more »

90s At 9 April 21

I almost didn’t want to come inside today, but the show must go on! —– I have the story behind Boyz 2 Men’s early 90s fashion choices. They’re our featured band. —– From Hollywood heartthrob to…… weather man. I’ll tell you who I’m talking about and why he’s giving out forecasts in the News from…Read more »

Austin Boston Marathon Update

To recap, last month, my wife, a big time runner, won a national contest for two entries into the Boston Marathon. To show support, I, a man who has never run a race in his life much less more than a mile, said I would run in the Boston Marathon to show support for her.…Read more »

90s at 9 February 28

Friday! Friday ! Friday! Here’s the agenda for tonight’s show. —– I’m going to tell you about that time our featured artist took an album she had just recorded and decided to trash the whole thing instead of releasing it. —– There’s new evidence in the college admissions scandal for Lori Loughlin. That’s in the…Read more »

62 Year Old Plank….King

A 62 year- old man has set the world record for doing the ab exercise planking; 8 hours 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. Amazing. I plank, but I normally do sets of 2 minutes, not 8 hours. I’ll tell you what, don’t let age dictate what you can do. I was talking with an older…Read more »