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Austin Boston Marathon Update

To recap, last month, my wife, a big time runner, won a national contest for two entries into the Boston Marathon. To show support, I, a man who has never run a race in his life much less more than a mile, said I would run in the Boston Marathon to show support for her.…Read more »

90s at 9 February 28

Friday! Friday ! Friday! Here’s the agenda for tonight’s show. —– I’m going to tell you about that time our featured artist took an album she had just recorded and decided to trash the whole thing instead of releasing it. —– There’s new evidence in the college admissions scandal for Lori Loughlin. That’s in the…Read more »

62 Year Old Plank….King

A 62 year- old man has set the world record for doing the ab exercise planking; 8 hours 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. Amazing. I plank, but I normally do sets of 2 minutes, not 8 hours. I’ll tell you what, don’t let age dictate what you can do. I was talking with an older…Read more »

90s at 9 February 3

Congratulations Chiefs!! With that out of my system, here’s what we have for tonight’s show. —- I’ll tell you about how our featured artist’s performance anxiety in a music studio led to a movie award. —- Pamela Anderson’s marriage a week and a half ago wasn’t totally legal. No matter, it’s over already anyway. Explanations…Read more »

90s at 9 January 3rd

Finally Friday with the final show of the week. Here’s what I got! —– Our featured artist’s famous father didn’t do him any favors. I’ll cover that tonight. —– Donnie Wahlberg really likes waffles… and leaving giant tips. More on that and how Mariah just did something that no one else has ever done, coming…Read more »

Dress The Celeb

You can help a celebrity pick out the dress she’s going to wear on the red carpet. Sarah Haines from Good Morning America is going to the Golden Globes in January. She’s narrowed it down to 4 dresses. There’s a sultry black number, a red one that looks like there’s too much material, a more…Read more »

Early Christmas Toy Idea

Early Christmas Toy Idea

Barbie Judge Dolls. They are Barbie dolls dressed like courtroom judges. It’s the “2019 Barbie Career Of The Year Doll”. I didn’t know that Barbie had “Career Of The Year” dolls, so I did some research and found Barbies that are everything from “Robotics Engineer” to “Cupcake Chef” to “Astronaut”. Mattel said they choose judge…Read more »

Video from NKOTB Concert in Lincoln

In case you missed out on the New Kids On The Block concert in Lincoln, here are come short clips of the show. NKOTB opened the whole thing up: The UNL Cheerleaders got to perform at the show and got some alone time with Donnie Wahlberg:     Salt N Pepa did a great job…Read more »

Keanu Slow Walk

One of the funnier trends on the internet today: Putting music behind a clip of Keanu Reeves walking slowly. Here’s a link to a page that has the clip with Salt N Pepa, Eddie Money, The Cure, and others behind it. more »