Congressman Fortenberry Will Vote No For Impeachment

Congressman Fortenberry Will Vote No For Impeachment

In a news release from Congressman Jeff Fortenberry:

In his speech and subsequent hesitation to swiftly react to the violence, the President wrongly amplified an emotionally charged environment––emboldening persons predetermined to do violence, adding to a mob frenzy, and overshadowing the important policy work of four years and those who peacefully stood by him.

Our objective should be this: Restore peace in our country.  Restore confidence in our government.  Restore decency and decorum.

In just seven days, Joe Biden will be President.  I voted to certify his election.  In order to begin the process of healing our nation after this traumatic moment, we must choose wisely.  If we use the blunt instrument of impeachment, we will punish the President but deepen the trauma of an America already wracked by political violence.  The call for accountability ought now to be found in the hard slog to rebuild.

I will vote against impeachment.