Keep B107.3 in your Facebook News Feed

Facebook recently announced that they are making changes to the posts you see on your news feed. That means that you might miss some of the posts from B107.3!

To ensure you still receive all of the great social media content that B107.3 displays on Facebook – including concert announcements, giveaways, and the latest around Lincoln – we’ve put together this short set of instructions for making B107.3 visible in your news feed.


1) If you’re accessing Facebook from your PC or Mac, first go to B107.3’s Facebook page.


2) From there, hover over the “Following” tab, just underneath the B107.3 cover photo, to bring up a drop-down menu.

3) In the drop-down menu, choose “See First” under “In Your News Feed.”

Once you see the check mark next to “See First,” you’ll know you’ve got it!


1) If you’re accessing Facebook from a mobile device, again, go to B107.3’s Facebook page.


2) Click on the “Follow” button.

3) From there, click on “See First” under “In Your News Feed.”

Congratulations! You’ve made it through all of the steps to ensure B107.3 remains prominent in your news feed.