Thank You Thursday Recipient Damon Hummel
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Congratulations to Damon Hummel, this week's "Thank You Thursday" recipient. He was nominated by his good friend, Justin Amison. Justin says Damon is the definition of helpful, caring, trustworthy, reliable, generous and charitable. He does volunteer work and helps with events. Every year he takes part in, and/or helps organize multiple charity runs (like for cancer awareness, and others of the sort), and events like Toys for Tots. He helped open the first community library in Waverly. He has done tours serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marines, and proudly represents the best that the U.S. has to offer. There is nothing that he won’t do to help a good cause, or a person in need, family or friend. Damon is an inspiration to be a better person! He is a positive force to all people he encounters.