Thank You Thursday Recipient Emily Dutter
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Congratulations to this week’s “Thank You Thursday” recipient Emily Dutter. Emily was nominated by her friend Katie Cervantes.

Emily is a loving mother of three children, plus the Executive Director for Montessori School for Young Children here in Lincoln. Emily always has a smile on her face and patience in her heart when interacting with others.

For nearly 10 years, Emily has served as a volunteer leader and coordinator at the Food Bank of Lincoln. Emily serves as an officer on multiple local non-profit Boards of Directors, including GIRLPowR, Fiesta Mexicana of the Heartland children's dance group, and Job's Daughters International. She is PTO president at Eastridge Elementary School and plans countless fundraisers and children's fun nights, recycling drive and class parties. Emily volunteers with the Special Olympics and is a leader of two Girl Scout troops.

Eight years ago, Emily opened her home to foster care and welcomed a baby girl originally from Mexico. Emily adopted the little girls as her own.

Emily gives her time and love unconditionally to those in our community. She is a graceful servant-leader who inspires those around her to give more and to do more for their community.