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90s At 9 August 22nd

Tune in tonight for all this awesomeness! —– It will always be “blah” for The LAs. They’re tonight’s featured artist. I’ll explain around 9:08. —–  The 1995 movie “Sudden Death” is being brought back to life. That’s in the News From The 90s. —– Tonight 90s trivia is about losing, but it could help you…Read more »

Darth Barbie. It’s a thing.

The Barbie universe is expanding into other pop culture realms.  Read more »

90s At 9 July 8

Happy Monday and looking forward to spending time in the 90s at 9 tonight! Here’s what I have planned for the show. I’ll talk about tonight’s featured band connection to a holy man. Mariah has accepted the challenge. But did she actually do it? That’s in the News From the 90s. And you’ll be able to…Read more »

90s At 9 July 2

Here’s where the show goes tonight. That time tonight’s featured band wanted to be in a video game, but weren’t and that time they were in a video game, but didn’t want to be. I’ll explain about 8 minutes into the show. Janet Jackson opens up about her family. Details on that in the News…Read more »

90s At 9 June 25th

Making 90s new again! Here are the highlight’s of tonight’s show. I’ll tell you about how tonight’s featured band randomly picked popularity. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s lawyers are going on the offensive in The News From The 90s. And nothing compares to tonight’s 90s trivia. We’ll hear from Go west, MC Hammer, Jewel, Tal Bachman, and more on the 90s…Read more »

Video from NKOTB Concert in Lincoln

In case you missed out on the New Kids On The Block concert in Lincoln, here are come short clips of the show. NKOTB opened the whole thing up: The UNL Cheerleaders got to perform at the show and got some alone time with Donnie Wahlberg:     Salt N Pepa did a great job…Read more »

Keanu Slow Walk

One of the funnier trends on the internet today: Putting music behind a clip of Keanu Reeves walking slowly. Here’s a link to a page that has the clip with Salt N Pepa, Eddie Money, The Cure, and others behind it. more »

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

We have a couple of rain barrels at my house to catch hundreds of gallons of water on rainy days like today. We use them to water shrubs and other plants around the borders of the house. They also catch a lot of water that would normally get close to the house’s foundation. You can…Read more »

Austin’s New Burger Recipe

Austin’s New Burger Recipe

I experimented with new burger recipes and the grill during Memorial Day weekend to come up with…… well, I don’t have a name for it yet, but we’ll refer to it as the Asian Flave Burger. In a large bowl, mix about 3/4 a pound of hamburger, two tablespoons of Hoisin sauce, half a cup…Read more »

90s At 9 Nightly Trivia

90s At 9 Nightly Trivia

Almost everyone knows that the 1996 movie “Fargo” is now a TV series on the cable channel FX. Most people don’t know that it was a TV show back in 1997 too. What cable channel was it on back then?   Answer – The original Fargo TV show aired on the Trio channel back in…Read more »