Joe Skare

Joe Skare has been part of the B107.3 staff since 2005 when he came to the station to team up with Gina on “The Gina & Joe Morning Show.” Joe is a veteran of Lincoln morning radio, having started his local radio experience in the capital city in 1985. Joe spent time waking up Lincolnites on other stations before coming to B107.3.

Joe is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and loves anything to do with the Vikings and Twins, and of course he is a huge Husker fan as well. He enjoys life away from the radio station with his wife and 2 kids. Joe is proud to hold a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and also loves golf, softball, hiking, biking, camping, travel, swimming and playing the drums. Outside of the morning show on B107.3 Joe has another career as a free lance voice artist, voicing projects for various clients across the country and the world. He is also a self described “Survivor Geek” and loves the TV show Survivor.