Farewell Week

We are sending Battle of the Sexes out with our biggest prize packs ever! Every game we play this week contains event tickets, food certificates, shopping certificates and more, over $100 in prizes!


There's a lot of construction going on in the B107.3 studio as we build the next new game that arrives March 24. Some fun surprises and new prizes are coming!





Weekday Mornings at 7:40

It's the age old challenge of man versus woman every weekday morning at 7:40 with "Battle Of The Sexes." The most fun game show on the radio pits one man against one woman with bragging rights on the line! Joe asks the woman three questions that any man would know, and Gina asks the man three questions any woman would know. We battle it out until one sex wins 15 games in a match! Help your fellow man, or woman, and play the battle, 7:40 weekday mornings on B107.3. Don't miss the fun with Lincoln's favorite radio game show...."Battle Of The Sexes" with Gina & Joe!


And if you want to play Battle with Gina and Joe, keep our number handy: 402-438-1073



Today's Match Questions


1) Melanie Brown, aka Mel B of The Spice Girls has a daughter with what comedian?  --  Eddie Murphy

2) In some cultures a woman will bing money or goods to a marriage. What is it called?  --  A Dowry

3) Family Feud:

Besides showing up late, name something that would make you look  bad if you did it your first day on a new job

1.Wear Inappropriate Clothes 2.Make Mistakes  3.Take Too Long For Lunch  4.Gossip/Talk Too Much  5.Leave Work Early  6.Drinking/Drinking at Lunch  7.Break Something/Make A Mess  8.Smoke



1) According to the International Bartender’s Association, what drink is made using equal parts Vodka, Triple Sec, and Lime Juice?  --  Kamikaze

2) The SPIKE-TV network features an animated show that focuses on the escapades of the world’s most dangerous secret agent who is egotistical and self involved. What is his name?  --  (ARCHER  --  Sterling Mallory Archer)

3) Family Feud (see above)