Austin Michael

Austin is a bicycling fanatic. I love to be able to stretch my legs and fill my lungs with fresh air whenever I can. I also like making homemade candles and I read about one novel each week. I’m at the Lincoln Public Libraries so often they’ve given me my own section. “Austin Lit”, two rows over from Home Improvement.

I am happily married to a woman who has believed in me enough to follow me out of Kansas and all over the country as I pursued my radio career. And we weren’t even married until I settled down in Lincoln. We got married at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo by the way. We’re both big fans of monkeys and zoos. We have two hamsters as pets.

I work at improving my cooking ability as often as I can, trying out new recipes whenever I can. I’m pretty good at Italian, Mexican, and anything that ends with “an” and includes some sort of beef, chicken, or fish product. I’m terrible at baking. That’s where my wife puts me to shame. Together we can come up with some wonderful meals. And we’ll make you fat. Very, very fat.

My roots are in Nebraska and if I have my way, I’ll stay here and live happily ever after.