“Big Bang Theory” Coming To An End

I don’t consider myself a genius (not even close), but I do love the TV show “Big Bang Theory” about a bunch of genius physicists and scientists. I’ve watched it for years and even watch the reruns over and over. It kind of hit me that the series would be coming to an end this Spring. I read an article today that stated the one-hour season finale with air May 16th. That leaves just seven shows remaining, including the finale. I know it’s just a show, but it’s been a funny staple in my life for years. I look forward to Thursday nights. I’ve even got  my husband watching it now too. The stars that play Sheldon and Penny say they want the sitcom to end the way most fans do – “fix the elevator.” How do you think the show will end? A lot of shows I’ve loved have come and gone, but nothing will ever be as funny as “The Big Bang Theory.”